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It seems as late that every day arrests my heart in fresh ways over God’s faithfulness. More times than not, I’m left overwhelmed, stirred so deep in my heart that I have few words to say. I am growing to really love this experience with God, while at the same time wrestle with how challenging it is. Why my wrestling? The way He walks it with me defies most of my expectations. Maybe you experience the same.

I realize now that much of my understanding of His faithfulness is based on His answering the circumstances of my life, especially in my favor. Problems, trials, failures and the like became the scene of when I expect His faithfulness to manifest the greatest. I take Him at His promise that He will work it all out for my good and truthfully, He does. But He always takes me further. For in other times of my life, He simply stands by me, watching the circumstances envelop us like a dark and ominous cloud. I expect a reaction from Him like the one rising within me. However, there is none, except a gaze into my eyes from His own. Without words and any response to our circumstances, I hear His unspoken desire – “Hang on to Me.”

In these moments as His invitation fills my heart, I begin to notice something extraordinary. That which I thought was overwhelming of my situation now grows smaller and fades into the consuming light that emanates from the union we share. Suddenly, a truth dawns upon my heart. His faithfulness to remain with me IS the answer to my circumstances. Experiencing life as He designs is not dependent upon what I encounter, but flows from the union I accept of His offering. Whether situations are difficult or easy, overwhelming or manageable, He promises to be faithful to me and our relationship we share.

As I grow to better understand this promise, I am slowly grasping more of His heart for me in the midst of all I face. Whether He leads me to walk through my situations or chooses to remove them from my path, His faithfulness to hold onto me becomes everything.

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