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Dusk has come in all its glorious transition. Light fades and colors the western sky, as distant sparkles begin appearing. Soon, the darkening ceiling upon the earth is etched with stars of every kind. The moon slowly rises in the far distance, its own light contesting the growing darkness in the absence of the sun.

I step outside for a brief moment, looking for something I’m missing from inside. My attention fixed upon my search, suddenly something inside me stops. My heart awakens and that familiar hush envelops me. Forgetting why I was standing there, I move away from the house to take in the unfolding scene. Awed and filled with wonder, I wait.

Moments like these captivate me. I continually long for more of them as they represent those times of God calling my name. “Come”, He says, and at once, my heart is hooked. I usually wait for more instructions, and rarely it comes. Early on, this would frustrate me. But over time, I came to understand. The way I came to Him was not the point. Rather, He just wanted me to come.

Life for most of us leaves little to no room for responding to God calls. We practice over and over how to “react” to the shifting circumstances we encounter in life, most of which we would never desire. Yet, into the midst of these and other instances of our harried life, the Father likes to step in and extend His beckoning hand.

“Come”, He says.

“Now?” we respond, shocked.

“But I’ve got so much to do!”, we think to ourselves as conflict fills our hearts.

God’s call in these moments are intentional. Our lives are less about what we accomplish, and more about the journey we walk with Him together. Does He want us to accomplish and succeed? Absolutely. However, coming into His presence, especially in those unique moments of personal invitation, trumps the daily grind of normal living. Being with Him brings life as Heaven intends where relationship reigns supreme.

Watch for these moments each day and be prepared to act, regardless of what you face. In doing so regardless of what it will require, we will touch the Father’s heart as only we can. We each mean that much to Him.

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