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Shifting Seasons

I truly love the natural rhythm of changing life around me. The freshness that each day brings as articulated by nature’s vast array of color and form, continually points me heavenward regardless of my personal circumstances. Whether the start of new life in the Spring, or the growing dormancy in preparation for Winter during the Fall, each transition portrays a vivid portrait of our own lives.

Like nature’s seasonal changes, the shifting of life seasons can be filled with much unknown. We first experience upheaveal when what we came to experience yesterday no longer matches what we may encounter today. Expectations become confounded, and our bearings for what is “normal” go awry. Suddenly, we find ourselves “inbetween” two distinct worlds…that which once was, and that which can be.

Looking back, Jesus steps forwards from our circumstances to highlight the faithfulness of how He traveled with us. Doing so brings a peaceful relief to our hearts and many “Aha” moments where our eyes are opened to His intimate compassions and involvements that before remained unperceived.

Looking ahead, Jesus again stands before us, beckoning us to follow. Usually, the scene around him is not overly clear, while His presence is. I suspect that’s point. Our going forward remains more about being with him than it does about the particulars of what we will be doing together.

But want about the “inbetween” stage? Where is Jesus then? In truth, He remains by our side as before, encouraging us to lean into Him even more. He knows that shifting life circumstances can be unsettling, especially when it comes unexpectedly. In moments like this, He speaks to us with abiding encouragement to bring an enduring peace that empowers our heart to keep pressing on with His input.

“Help me Jesus to reach more for you than for the clarity of my circumstances when I experience the shifting seasons in my journey. Thank you that you remain faithful to me even when I wander away in search of the answers myself.”

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