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Silent Presence

In the face of trials and problems, the pressure to have answers for those we walk with is strong. We sit listening, feeling their pain, and search desperately for something to share that will bring relief. Sometimes, our focus turns to diagnosing the reason they are in this position as if this somehow helps. But most of the time, it doesn’t. Truthfully, we know we have nothing to offer in the way of a complete solution. Still, our hearts want to be useful, even in these challenging times.

Flipped around, we all have been on the other side, experiencing similar low points. Everywhere we look, the road seems blocked, or worse, nonexistent. We have no answers, and without thinking, we begin hoping to find them in others. Answers to our questions dominate our attention. However, deep down we discover there is another cry. We want to know others are with us, especially in these trying times. And maybe that’s all we need for the moment – just having someone willing to stand by our side.

Similarly, I wonder about the same in my relationship with God. Seasons arrive in my life where I am desperate for direction. I pray, declare, believe, and so one, only to hear next to nothing in return. Hours and days pass with little tangible insight. Yet, the comfort I receive surprises me as I begin to realize something else is happening. In those moments, God holds me, but offers few words. My heart settles down, and peace comes with unexpected hope. 

Just as God offers His silent presence at times in difficult seasons, we too can offer the same to those important in our lives. Moments will come where answers are scarce. As they do, we must never forget that our staying by their side, even without answers, may be what they need to find their way.

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