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A Home for our Hearts

I’ve been considering the following thought…

“To realize I am not alone, sometimes I need to be alone.”

One of the greatest promises God has given to each of us speaks of His desire to always be with us.  Life as God envisioned always included connection with others (including Himself). In fact, we were each created to receive the fulfilling joy of experiencing “family”, that place of unconditional love, acceptance and encouragement. Put another way, an isolated life is no life at all. The intentions of God are always to “make a home for the lonely” (Psalm 68:6a,NASB).

Certainly most of our experiences of family leave less than this reality.  In reaction, we try and stay busy with anything and everything, hoping the pain of isolation will remain buried.  Pretending becomes the mask for the day. And yet, we continue to yearn for what God wrote in the DNA of our hearts…home.

Regardless of our experiences, the desire of God remains.  Our hearts need a home full of family. So what does He do?  He reveals His own family…the deep, abiding relationships of family between the Trinity – Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Then, He invites us to join.  Our first home is meant to be His own.

If we dare to slow down and lay aside the busyness we embrace, something greater and more incredible can consume us. Our aloneness gets swallowed up by growing security, peace and love of the greatest family of all. Our hearts, once ravaged by emptiness, hopelessness and a lack of worth because of isolation, are filled with realized hope – we are home, safe and secure.

May we all dare to stand against the growing tide of busyness and the roar of noise in this hour. May we turn aside into that alone place to find that we are truly, not alone.

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