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Hearts Made to Love

“Love” is thrown around a lot these days. Conflicting images both in picture and word flood our minds of its meaning. Even our own experiences drive us to define love in differing ways.  As a result, our hearts can become confused, perplexed, and even hardened to this most important of all virtues. 

Amid this swirling environment filled with loud voices and self-serving pressure, God alone stands with enduring truth. As our Creator, He fashioned our hearts for a sole purpose.  We were given the eternal capacity to love as He loves.  Beyond all else our hearts can do, the very fabric of its place within our lives is for love.  And the very essense of this love He longs to grow in us is none other than His own. That’s right…the same kind.   

I’m sure each our hearts leap to believe this truth, but one look into the mirror sets off a cascading replay of how our lives are far from this reality. Images fill our gaze of where God’s love is woefully lacking, if present even at all.  “Sure”, we say to ourselves, “I was made to love like God…right”.  Sound familar?

And yet, it is in this very place that love has its greatest effect.  Exactly in that moment of despairing hopelessness over our weakness of lack, God stands ready to fill us. Love’s power is meant for that undeserving moment, since God’s love is based on His generous nature, and not on whether we deserve it.  His love ignores and even laughs at this human reasoning of merit, and moves in with transformational power.  In an instant, His love goes to work softening, re-arranging, and transforming our hearts to literally become like God’s. The process is not quick, nor meant to be.  Rather, He promises true change over time. 

With this fresh realization, questions may abound in our mind.  Why does He do this?  What am I?  These and all others still are no match for love’s power.  They cannot deter His desire to love us and change us. And yet, to create a heart that loves like His own, He needs one thing.  Our cooperation.  He needs our invitation.  Will we offer it to Him?

Every moment of our lives are all meant to be “love-moments”.  Whether we are experiencing the darkest hour, the highest vision, or the greatest fulfillment, they and every other step along the way God wants to mark by His radical love.  His love is the context  by which life is defined.  Where ever we find ourselves, the circumstances or experiences are not greater than the love within our hearts.  Everything bows before love.   

Our hearts were made for this extraordinary love.  We were not left to ourselves to figure it out because there is nothing to figure out.  God IS Love, and His love comes with Him.  A growing relationship with Him translates into a growing of His love within our hearts. He is constantly with us, calling to us, and always awaiting the open door of our hearts.  His reach is beyond our present experiences and faithfully embracing no matter our condition.  Overwhelming, but brilliant, to say the least.

Today, may we listen for His persistent knocking on our heart’s door.  And in hearing, may we open to His enduring Presence.  For in that moment, love will flood our being like a raging river and our heart will know its home — held and transformed by Majestic Love.

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