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Season of Rest

For the past few months, I have been embracing a season of rest in many areas of ministry, particularly my writing. Though difficult, this time has been important to lay all at God’s feet, and to ask for fresh eyes as I look ahead in my journey.

One area I’m exploring in more significant ways deals with how to hold the emphatic promises of God for my life when my experiences continue to be the opposite. A challenge at best, I’m coming to see with deeper peace the reality that while God’s promises over our lives are absolutely true and unchanging, the application of these promises can change from season to season. That which I’ve experienced of a promise in different circumstances remains true, but may not come out in the way I anticipate at a new time and place in my journey.

In times as these,  I’m left with a choice. I can either believe that His promises have ceased or don’t apply in my current state, or I can begin another mysterious adventure to find the expression of His promises in fresh, new ways. While I still struggle a bit, I am trying to follow the latter, again throwing my life upon the alter of God and trusting His heart for my life. In the process, I can sense my faith being stretched and deepened in His ongoing goodness and kindness over my life.

If you find yourself in a similar place, I offer this blessing…”Father, I ask you to draw every person close to your heart where a new season of trusting has blossomed. Open their eyes to your veiw from heaven, and connect their heart to yours where they can begin to understand with greater sensitivity the abiding kind love you have for them and for their journey. Thank You. Amen.”

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