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We all have them. Times in our lives that are marked by difficulty, trial, testing, challenges, or whatever descriptive word you may use. Still, knowing that others encounter the same does little for our own hearts as we walk through them. We wake up surrounded by darkness, as if we are standing at the bottom of a deep valley with nothing but sheer rock walls on every side. At first glance, we feel small and insignificant compared to the enormous scene before us. Even the sun above remains hidden, covered by both the depth and hiddenness of our plight. And worse of all, our hearts grow weary, stabbed by the pain of abandonment. How can I get through this? Am I alone? What do I do?

God’s answer to our many questions surprises us. Amid the oppressive scene and our personal discouragement, He asks us to look again at our valley. But this time, He encourages us look for His Presence and provision. With a mystified gaze, we obey. Astonished and awakened with new hope, the scene transforms. We now stand in a flowing river of crystal clear water. Stooping down, we scoop the water into our mouth with both hands. Cool and refreshing, it tastes wonderful. Slowly, but surely, the ominous quality of the valley gives way to the power of the river as light begins to fill what once was the narrow and darkened space. Prompted by a silent, but loving call, we begin taking steps and  follow the river’s flow. Trust builds in our hearts as we give ourselves to the one greater than our circumstances.  

Like a river in the deepest valley, God’s promise of Presence and help becomes more apparent in our valley seasons. In the natural world, water flows the greatest in the deepest recesses of the land. And with God, He does the same. Our darkest, most overwhelming time cannot compare to God’s provision of refreshing life and direction. He created us with the capacity to receive Him and His heart. Doing so equips us with eternal hope and courage as we see what He sees. Valley seasons are truly special opportunities to become defined not by what we encounter, but by God’s promises for our journey through it.

If you’re standing in a deep valley today, look for God’s river of living water. He promises His best for times like these, desiring to make us stronger and more trusting of His true heart of faithfulness and kind love. When you find His water in your valley, drink long and deep. The effect on your heart and life will surprise you. Courage and hope will be restored as you experience His Presence in a fresh way.

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