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Pour Out Your Heart

There are those moments, and sometimes extended seasons, where answers to life’s questions are few and far between. The wrestling becomes intense, not only over the weight of the questions, but also regarding how to carry them. We either feel tossed around like a feather in the midst of a storm, or like we’re stuck in quicksand, paralyzed with little direction.

Beyond our questions, another struggle adds an even greater threat. Harassing voices run like a continuous message in our ears. “Your failing”, “There is no hope”, “Look at the mess you’ve made” and the like pierce our hearts like daggers, even though they have no truth. Soon, the sheer constancy of their presence weakens our heart’s door. The twins of discouragement and fear pound relentlessly, wanting to make their home within us.

Combined together, these experiences can drive us into deep, dark valleys. The light of hope, joy and abundant living seems dim or even absent. We look around and see everything scarred with pain, heaviness and/or fear. Our sight is cloudy at best, and we wonder when the darkness will engulf us.

Quietly, but with magnified power, a call arises in these depressing circumstances. Our ears recognize the unique sound, while our hearts sense the presence behind it.  All else captivating our gaze falls back as if reeling from an invisible shock wave. The comprehended words instantly energize hope, giving strength to our weakened heart. Powerful and life-giving, the invitation now becomes clear…

“O my precious people, trust in Me at all times. Pour out your heart to Me, for I am your refuge.”  
God  (adapted from Psalm 62:8, Holy Bible)

Immediately, our hearts become immersed in wondrous, kind love. We’re overwhelmed as we realize how personal God wants to be in our lives, especially during our “valley” seasons. His call, while filled with hope, is also radically honest, revealing the true issue of our heart wrestling…

Who will we trust?

Yes, it’s true. As we reflect over our past, we have no choice but to admit how often we run to and fro seeking to find something or someone to give us trustworthy answers to our questions. We seek the wisdom of others, both past and present, hoping for that magic key that would solve our present dilemmas. And yet, we always end up in the same place…little to no satisfaction.

Incredibly, our answers come not in what we seek to receive, but rather in what we give. Able to be the lone refuge of safety and protection in the midst of heartache and great challenge, God calls us to come to Him with open and honest hearts. The refuge He generously provides becomes the reason for our uninhibited heart cry, however joyful, pained or perplexed it may be. We discover in our offering His deep and abiding presence and pleasure. With our hearts in His hands, our trust grows deeply, securely establishing our lives upon Him and His faithful love.

God’s invitation to come remains open regardless of circumstance. Whether upon the mountain of amazing joy or in the deepest valley facing fears within and without, He longs to hear the depths of our hearts. Doing so gives God our trust, and transforms our hearts to live in peace and rest with Him who cares about every aspect of our lives. As for our questions, they may remain. But our growing trust lies not in their answer, but rather in Him who is greater than any question.

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