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Hugs and Kisses

Over the past few days, my 3-year old daughter has struggled with my leaving the house and being separated from her. Whether I’m going to work or running an errand, she genuinely becomes emotional at my absence. Paining my heart, my leaving has become harder and harder. 

In response to these trying moments, I have sought to simply hold her tightly, kiss her on her cheek and tell her  how much I love her. I let her know I will be back, and at times, this seems to help. At other times, I shut the door in my leaving to the heart-wrenching sounds of her crying for me.

In one sense, my heart is deeply touched over her affection and desire for my presence in her life. But in another, I am pained in knowing that my separation affects her in this manner. Yet, I have also realized that emotions aside, something more important is happening. Our exchange of hugs and kisses is growing abiding security reflecting the deepening union of our hearts as father and daughter.

God’s interaction with us is no different. Each day brings His own hugs and kisses, able to fill our hearts with surpassing joy, peace and encouragement. Beyond our successes or failures, He peers deep into the fabric of our hearts seeing the truth of our lives as He created them. And everyday His message  to us remains unchangable – “I love you more than anything!”. So vast and powerful is His love that all the universe orients itself to welcome our drawing near.

The intensity of God’s response to our longing for Him surpasses that of my own towards my daughter. And yet, my own pained, but joyous heart gives a dim picture of what the Father in Heaven experiences with us. The worth of our lives moves Him with abiding love more than we can imagine. And like that of my daughter, our own hearts can be established with more security as we receive His daily hugs and kisses.

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