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Living in Wonder

Our hearts were made for wonder. The vitality and freshness of life we experience has much to do with the wonder that captures us. And wonder dwells in the largeness of life relative to our own understanding. We like to think that increased knowledge brings expectant life. But in reality, when we are amazed beyond our knowing, our gaze is directed to author of all life.

What about the wonder that surrounds us? A day never passes without it. The question is do we see it? Do we stop long enough to be consumed by the wealth of wonder of our lives? Consider the following wonders…

The reddening streaks upon wispy clouds as the sun sets;

The perfect formation of a v-shaped flock of geese soaring high in the sky;

The contagious laughter of young children playing together;

The sound of our own breathing, methodical and life-giving;

The deep peace of stillness;

The way of a hummingbird alighting and drinking the nectar of its passion;

The vibrancy of infinite color that fills our world;

The gripping power of a great story;

The emergence of a new life being born;

The raw power of thunderous storms with pounding rain;

And the list goes on…

Hope and strength mingle with wonder to arrest our hearts for He who gave us life. Every thought of God’s heart exudes wonder, and the greatest wonder of all comes in His desire to share them with us. His knock comes faithfully each day upon our heart’s door waiting for our invitation. As we invite Him in, heaven’s atmosphere of wonder changes everything.

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